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Microfusion and detonating liquid barrier designed in GRS laboratories to treat resins produced by 3D printers

PROCAD was born thanks to the experience of GRS in the production of microfusion raw materials and its knowledge of microfusion processes.

Thanks to PROCAD, many customers using resin-to-3D printers have managed to resolve meltdown issues and uncertainties in the results they face each day. GRS has been able to fine-tune this extraordinary product thanks to the scientific study conducted on thousands of jewelery models produced by resin-to-3D printers. The PROCAD liquid forms an imperceptible barrier that allows not only great improvements in the microfusion but can also be used as a detachable to use 3D printer models to make molds by silicone rubber.

Many 3D printer manufacturers recommend PROCAD for microfusion

Each bottle costs € 60 + VAT and contains 160g of product.

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