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QUEST 1824

QUEST 1824 is a heavy duty machine for engraving and cutting for working a wide range of materials.

  • Pantografo per incisioni e taglio
  • Produzione di targhette
  • Incisione di qualsiasi materiale
  • Targhe in ottone

U-MARQ QUEST 1824 is a machine for engraving and cutting extremely robust, using the highest technology and quality standards. The machine is equipped with electronics Vismec with the CPU of the latest generation and high efficiency motors driver and is connected to a Windows computer via the Vistool 8 dedicated software, engraving and cutting, in the advanced configuration. This combination of mechanical quality, cutting-edge electronics and software give life to this extraordinary pantograph for engraving and cutting with a price performance ratio that only U-MARQ can give.

Engraving machine U-MARQ Quest 1824 has a working area  ​​610 x 460 mm, with an excursion to Z of 50 mm, and is equipped with the practical standard chuck 11/64 ° for the engraving standard tools . The spindle is driven by an engine at high speed from 20,000 revolutions / min, with variable speed, from 140 W. This pantograph is ideal for deep incisions on aluminum, brass, stainless steel, wood, slate, etc., and for cutting plastics and some metals.


U-MARQ Quest allows you to cut plexiglass, forex and light metals for the production of signs, license plates and exhibitors. The pantograph QUEST 1824 import graphics files in Adobe Illustrator format (EPS / AI) and reads directly HPGL files (PLT) for plotters.

Industrial engraving

The pantograph U-MARQ QUEST can cope to industrial marking needs in making labels, nameplates and synoptic tables. QUEST The machine can handle all the work with speed and accuracy allowing the operator to set the graphics to be engraved directly with the supplied software or by importing DXF or PLT by a CAD system.


U-MARQ QUEST 1824 is an engraving and cutting professional machine with an unbeatable value for price!


The QUEST pantograph is equipped with an electronic control of last generation with fast  CPU connected with USB 2.0 ports. The machine uses high-efficiency motor drivers using very little power. The machine is extremely robust and uses recirculating ball screws and linear guides pre loaded with quality.


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