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Dream Dream Jewelry

Jewelery Design Software

Jewelry CAD Dream is a new generation 3D CAD software produced by those who have more than 30 years of jewelery creation experience. With Dream CAD Jewelry you can easily design your 3D jewels to present, prototype, and produce them.


The ultimate generation associative technology is fast and every drawing operation is automatically recorded in the construction tree and any modification of a basic parameter immediately becomes a new design. Other more expensive software to design jewelery is not associative or very slow .


JCD ( J ewelry C AD D ream) has a large library of parametrized stones and allows you to create any type of stone to use with the casting tool or directly with numerous instruments of pavè


Thanks to a variety of functions to create any kind of casting, JCD V.13 allows you to enhance the stones in so many ways. Creating casters and their related brands has never been so easy and customizable and you can define all the features: section, size, shape, rotation and tilt compared to stone with endless possibilities.


JCD has many tools to create Pavè, from the Baguette to the Pavè line on convex surfaces or multiple rows Pavè. Have the pleasure of creating beautiful and original jewels full of stones arranged with art and refinement.

Cutting tools

Cutting and updating tools allow you to automatically get high jewelery results that will make your stones light and at the same time cheer the gold structure. cut a micro pavé or create a honeycomb with a click!

Infinite possibilities

Rendering, Ring Size, Chains, Seal Rings, Pendants, Textures, Materials, V-Cuts, Placing, Material Bond, 2D Drawing, Celtic Symbols, Stones & Metals Weight ...

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  • Rendering di un Anello
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Dream CAD Jewelry is a CAD software that is based on a new generation super fast 3D hybrid modeling technology and provides direct modeling tools, a range of CAD tools for jewelery in a parametric modeling environment, the result of which is the most powerful design system that jewelery industry has ever had. Jewelry CAD Dream has all the tools to design Jewelery, including rendering and ultra-realistic animations to create your own catalogs.

CAD to work better

Using CAD software in your jewelry creation system is now a must-have choice. Thanks to digital technologies, you can step forward, saving time, increasing efficiency, and pushing you into creating more complex and high-quality objects. With the Dream Dream Jewelry software, the only limit will be your imagination.

Slam the customer in a modern way

Working with the CAD you can see a preview of a jewel or a fashion accessory and have a prototype, for example, for 3D printing, without having the product. This is not only a significant cost savings but it will also give the customer a unique shopping experience thanks to the ability to preview the jewel thanks to rendering and animation.

The best choice

Dream Dream Jewelry is the best choice you can make as it is based on the most advanced 3D modeling system on the market. This allows you to create with full freedom without geometric constraints and to have a tangible advantage over competitors using old-fashioned software.

For a long time, those who work in the Jewelery sector use CAD software, but in almost all cases in this area, there has been a widespread use of low-level 3D CAD modelers. The reason why this has been done is not only about price, but the fact that 3D low-end 3D modelers have been designed to design jewelery-specific Plugins that attracted many CAD technology-untrained users. While it is true that these programs allow you to reach the result, it's just as often true that they are often slow and fragile and lead to great time losses because they do not have the basics and tools of 3D medium and high level software. Of course, those programs will also have a very long list of features and libraries to create jewelery, but in the end the designer / designer will have to deal with the shortage of the CAD engine that is at the base and to which jewelery tools are backed up.

Cad Dream Jewelry is based on ZWsoft CAD ZW3D engine , one of the world's leading CAD developers, with more than 400 developers. ZWsoft produces CAD technology for the industry and is a supplier of customers such as Siemens, Sony Ericsson, Panasonic, Carrefour and Saint-Gobain and now, thanks to Jewelery CAD Dream, this high-end 3D CAD technology is finally available for the industry of jewels. The extraordinary features for jewelry Jewelery CAD Dream are developed in Florida by a team with more than 30 years of experience in the field. In PCube we have a long experience in providing 3D software and 3D machinery in the jewelery sector and we are excited to bring acceleration to the digital transition of this industry thanks to the quality of CAD 3D Jewelry CAD Dream software. Whether you are a jewelery designer or a manufacturer, you have a goldsmith's workshop or a shop, or if you are just creating jewelry for hobbies and dreaming that your passion becomes reality, whatever your Jewelry CAD Dream dreams will help you create what you want to imagine !

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Dream CAD Jewelry is the most innovative and powerful software to design Jewelry and Fashion Accessories

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