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Engraving of Jewelery

Engraved jewelry is more and more fashionable and thanks to the U-MARQ engraving machines it is easy to engrave a jewel directly at the point of sale, without waiting for the customer, differentiating from competition and working with greater margins.

Engaging Jewelery is easy and fast with a professional knitting machine.

Incisione di un bracciale

Our engraving machines are the ideal solution for personalizing jewelry , bracelets, medals, ...

All machines are equipped with a self-centering vice to attach any object to be engraved, thanks also to a range of interchangeable jaws suitable for any form of jewelery. In addition to the standard jaws, normally we also supply the jaws for engraving curved bracelets, those for engraving watches and medals, and we also supply special jaws with a swallowtail section to block shaped or cylindrical objects such as pens and rings.

Some machines, such as GEM-RX5 and GEM-CX5 , also have a rotary axis for engaging rings, bracelets, and pens by rotating them 360 ° across the entire circumference.

Normally jewelery is scratched with a diamond tool supplied, which, thanks to a spring system, automatically fits into each surface. Almost all of our machines can engage precious metal in depth for removal thanks to the rotary spindle provided.

Another application, normally used by goldsmith's laboratories, is the cut , or customized pendants, in gold and silver directly from the precious metal plate.

Our pantographs feature intuitive software that allows you to quickly set the graphics to be engraved.

Usually for the jewelery industry, machines are used to engrave any kind of metal but, thanks to special tools, they can also engrave plastic, stones, wood, glass ... In addition to plane engraving, the machines are able to engrave long surfaces perfectly in the shape of the object to be engraved.

In addition, all our engraving machines are able to make photo-engraving or engraving photographs directly on the metal.

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