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Hitting photos directly on objects is an original application for personalizing jewelery, plaques, smartphone covers, gadgets, and gadgets.

All of our engraving machines allow you to customize the objects with style, for example by adding fantastic photo engravings directly to metal.

Targa con fotografia incisa

Photo Engraving is a feature that allows the scratch machine to scratch the metal with a 3D strategy to capture a photograph. Extreme customization capability is one of the main features of photo etching, and this is why u is a very demanding feature of most of the most creative customers who buy our engraving machines. Photo Engraving allows you to expand the customization field by allowing you to offer a different product and thus create new business opportunities. With our engraving machines you can engrave plates, plaques, key rings, lighters, bracelets, cutlery, pendants, storage cases, ashtrays, jewelery, pens, banknote clips and more on both flat and curved surfaces with always optimal quality . In particular, photo-engraving engages images and photos on metallic surfaces with perfect quality, with a definite and unbeatable speed of competition. Machines can also engrave texts, logos, and illustrations on up to curved surfaces. It is possible to work on different types of materials such as brass, gold, silver, stainless steel, aluminum and transparent or semi-transparent acrylic materials. Our engraving machines are easy to use and photoinfection is simple and easy to use, and can also be used by staff without any specific expertise (think of kiosks in malls, parks, walking areas). To give an idea of ​​the ease of photoinjection just think that the training course lasts about 6 minutes. Do you need more information? Contact us now!