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Product identification by marking the logo or serial numbers is an application normally devoted to the industrial world but is now also applicable in other areas.

Le macchine per incidere U-MARQ sono ideali per l'incisione diretta di componenti e di oggetti anche con numerazioni progressive, nomi variabili e loghi

Incisione di un logo su un cilindro in acciaio

Incase a component with a serial number or create a label with engraved data on a machine or equipment are the typical applications we find in the industry: serial numbers, batch traceability, time and / or date indication, encoding inside, etc.

In addition, the Machinery Directive requires machine data to be permanently printed on metal plates to apply solidly to the goods in question.

Our engraving machines allow you to create a fast and high-quality engraving on any material. We can engage steel, aluminum and brass with scratch-resistant technology using a diamond tool that can continuously and accurately affect even on non-flat surfaces. The same machines are equipped with a spindle to engrave deep using a hard metal tool that works for removal.

The GEM-TX5 engraving machine is U-MARQ's entry level for product identification by engraving. This machine is provided with the diamond tool but can use any other tool to fit the customer's needs.

The GEM-FX5 and the top models can directly affect the data imported from a text file. It will be enough to have a list of serial numbers to be engraved, import the list and launch the engraving without having to type any of the data that the machine will affect and thus without any possibility of errors.

The supplied software is simple and effective and allows you to engrave with special engraving characters to speed up machine work. The software allows you to import graphics from any drawing program to reproduce exactly what you need.

In addition to engraving on the floor, the machines are able to engrave long surfaces perfectly in the shape of the piece to be customized.

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