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Pet Shops

PCube engraving machines are designed to quickly, easily and easily puncture medals, metal plates, collars and even bowls of dogs, cats and other animals.

From PCube you will find the best carving machines for your pet store.

Medagliette per cani e gatti

The GEM-TX5 engraving machine is smaller than a laptop (only 37x24x27 cm) and can be placed easily in the store without occupying valuable space. The machine works with a Windows software that allows it to be used in seconds to set a new medal or plate to be engraved or to directly use the medals already stored on the computer. The machine then engages in a few seconds allowing the client to satisfy the customer without any unnecessary expectations.

Do you want a less expensive, more compact, straightforward wirelessly powered car from a tablet?

The new 2-S model is an even smaller machine (26x34x26 cm) and works both with a PC or with a tablet that makes it even more practical and easy to use. Both machines affect written (names, phrases, dates ...), affecting designs and are able to affect the photographs on metal with a quality and some astonishing speed. The machines are engraved on both sides of the pencil and are equipped with software that allows you to engrave without any number or rows of characters .

We have medalline start kits to engrave but with our machines you are free to use the medals you want!

Our engraving machines are not limited to engraving on flat surfaces and are therefore suitable for customizing animal accessories with a name or a design or logo. The GEM-CX5 engraving machine or the Universal 350 model is the ideal solution for animal feeders as they can customize any object, such as a plate or bowl, and can affect any material (metal, wood , plastic, ...).