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TanExpo 2018 Exhibition

Fiera Funeraria TANEXPO 2018

The TANEXPO 2018 fair went very well for PCube, beyond expectations, as there were many companies that chose one of our professional machines to engrave plates . TANEXPO is a biennial fair of the funeral industry and for this sector our engraving machines are used to engrave the metal plates, mandatory by law, with the name of the deceased and the relative dates to be affixed to the coffins, the urns and the exhumations in cemeteries.

At the fair we have proposed the engraving machine GEM-TX5 , which had already been successful two years earlier in the previous edition of TANEXPO, complete with the module to engrave photos directly on the plate or on a souvenir medal . GEM-TX5 engraves diamond on plates, in aluminum or brass, with a surprising strength and speed and this has convinced many to replace the machine that had or even to return the car to affect the low price they had recently purchased and that did not allow them to reach even the minimum of the desired result.

The new 2S model also had a strong response because, in addition to being less expensive, it appreciated its simplicity of use and the possibility of adjusting here also the strength with which the diamond affects. The versatility of the 2S engraving machine capable of engraving writings with any font, non-vector drawings (JPG, PNG, BMP, ..) and even photographs have convinced many to opt for this solution.

The buyers have appreciated the machines as they are professional, practical, robust and with a decided stretch of engraving as well as for low running costs. With both machines, PCube's after-sales technical support is provided, which provides web-based assistance for a first distance training course or for resolving any customer doubts about the use of the machine and in particular of the software.

The 2018 edition of TANEXPO reiterated the success of our machines for engraving nameplates for the funeral industry

PCube sells machines for engraving in the funeral industry just over 2 years ago and was immediately a success not only thanks to an unbeatable price-performance ratio but also for the soundness of the machines offered and for the after-sales service. Our customers have the security of being followed anything they may need both in the first days after buying the machine and for any unforeseen or doubt they may have even after months using it.

In addition to the machines brought to the fair PCube has, also for the funeral industry, even larger pantographs to automatically realize, without typing the data, the engraving of several plates at a time or even the cutting of the written metal or plastic , directly from the plate.