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CNC 3D prototyping easy and complete

Asse Rotativo

Con il suo asse rotativo dedicato (Opzionale), MDX-40A esegue lavorazioni su due e quattro facce in automatico

Scanner 3D

La sonda di scansione piezoelettrica (Opzionale) trasforma MDX-40A in uno scanner 3D

  • MDX-40A
  • Prototipazione rapida sottrattiva (SRP)

The MDX-40A Mini CNC Center allows you to create a 3D model , a prototype, starting from its 3D file. The supplied software also allows you to manage STL files by making this machine a real and primitive rapid prototyping machine with SRP technology . Thanks to the 4th rotary axis (optional), the machine can rotate the piece to shape it in all directions.

  • Working Volume: 305 x 305 x 105 mm.
  • Spindle: Brushless, max power 100W, 15,000 rpm.
  • Dimensions: 669 (L) x 760 (P) x 554 (A) mm Weight: 65 kg

This extraordinary mini CNC center also features a 3D scanning probe that allows it to become a 3D scanner for shaping shapes . The ZSC-1 Contact Scanner Probe installs on the spindle and allows you to capture the surface of the objects positioned on the plane of the machine with a centesimal resolution. The 3D file is then handled by the software supplied with the probe.

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