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PCube provides compact machines for engraving and cutting plates, signage and small insignia

We provide machines for companies and laboratories to independently design the signs for internal use and for third parties.

Incisione di una targa in laminato plastico

A metal or plastic plate can be used in many applications. You start from the nameplate or the letterbox, you go through the identification labels, with progressive numbers, to be fitted to machines or equipment, and you get to the real signs or tracking, for example, for a tourist resort or for a factory.

Whatever the application, the U-MARQ engraving machines allow you to get the signs fast and always a perfect detail quality. All machines are able to scratch the classic anodised aluminum, steel or brass plates. All U-MARQ pantographs for plastic laminate, plexiglass, resin, wood, brass and aluminum labels are impacted ...

The machines connect via USB port to a windows computer where the software that drives the machine is installed. The software allows you to set the writing and graphics to be engraved with great ease. It also allows you to import graphics from major formats such as EPS / AI and HPGL / PLT. If you already have labels with the printed graphics, U-MARQ software will make it easy to create scripts in minutes correct positions and save the template, the type plate, to have everything ready for the next engravings.

We have a full range of machines for engraving plates and for making small insignia

Engraving and Cutting

The GEM-FX5 machine and the most powerful QUEST in addition to engraving allow you to cut the material into a slab.

Plates of engraving material

In addition to the PCube machines, it also supplies the plates of engraving material. In particular:

  • Anodized aluminum thickness 0.5 mm
  • Anodized brass with a thickness of 0.5 mm
  • Two-color plastic laminate (Trafolite) of 1.6 mm thick

We also provide tailor-made cutting service.


The cutter to cut material to measure is in some cases a very important tool for working with flexibility and autonomy. For this we propose the following 2 professional cutters:

  • Shearing to cut aluminum and brass materials from 0.5 mm and plastic up to 3 mm.
  • Circular saw for cutting plastic, plexiglass, brass and aluminum up to 4 mm thick.

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