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Seconhand 3D Technology

3D Technology Opportunities

We have 3D printers, mini- CNC, 3D scanners and pantographs occasion, used by customers or for exhibitions. In some cases we are new to stock cars or just used for some demonstrations. For each machine on offer we can provide the service of installation and training.

Are you interested in a brand or a particular 3D machine model? Contact us now to see if we can get you what you need!

We trade only machines where we are specialized and which may have market.

If you want to sell or trade in your 3D printer or your 3D digital mechines of the kind we deal with, please contact us as we have many requests for 3D printers, Mini CNC and pantographs usati.In particular we are interested in returning the following equipment:

  • 3D Printers: envisionTEC (Perfactory 3, Perfactory 4), DWS, Solidscape
  • Mini CNC: Roland DG (MDX-650, MDX-540, MDX-500)
  • Engraving machines: Roland DG (EGX Series, METAZA Series), Gravograph

Do you want to sell your 3D printer?

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Stampanti 3D

The following list of 3D printers and machines is not complete and therefore we invite you to contact us to check in advance if we are returning the equipment you would need.

3D Printer Micro Hi-Res
(-60%) € 6.000

Brand : EnvisionTEC

Professional 3D Printer for a jewelry workshop, for a designer and model. Complete with a license of Magics software.

Technology: DLP LED

Volume: 40x30x100 mm.

Material: EC500 / HTM140 / LS600

Year 2013

Working hours: About 900

3D Printer EMBER show room

Brand : Autodesk

3D Printer open source for prototyping in high definition. For jewelry, miniatures, dental, audiology...

Tecnologia : DLP

Volume : 64x40x130 mm.

Material : Black resin, clear resin...

Year 2016

Working hours : 90 (Show Room)

The price listed is ex works PCUBE headquarters and do not include installation services and technical assistance that will, however, be purchased separately.

We can look for 3D printers of any brand according to customer requests.

Do not see the 3D printer you are looking for?

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Scanner 3D

3D Scanner Laser LPX-600
(-70%) € 2.970

Brand : Roland

3D laser scanner capable of reading the shape of a 360 ° object thanks to a series of automatic strategies.

Technology: Laser turntable

Volume: Cylinder diam. 254 mm height 404 mm.

Year 2010

Working Hours: slightly Used

3D Scanner PIX-4
€ 990

Brand : Roland

3D scanner that allows to read the shape of an object through a needle piezoelectric probe. Ideal for reading 3D reliefs.

Technology: Piezo Sensor

Volume: 150x100x62 mm.

Year: 2004

Working Hours: slightly Used

Mini CNC 3D Machines

Milling Machine MDX-500
(-80%) € 4.500,00 - SOLD!

Brand : Roland

Milling machine CNC 3 Axis with spindle with 400W

Technology : Brushless

Volume : 500 x 330 x 105 mm.

Year 2001

Working Hours: Not available

iModela per Gioielli
(-60%) € 960

Brand : Roland DG

IModela with a modification made by DELCAM for to make rings from wax tube and jewels . Need a integrative CAM software.

Technology : Stepper motors

Volume : 86x55x26 mm.

Year: 2015

Working Hours : Like a new

Engraving Machines

Pantograph XVM
€ 1.200

Brand : Gravograph

Electronic Pantograph for engraving plaques and medals. vice and comprehensive plan to secure the plates. Have your computer and the software are dotazione.Dimensioni 540 x 500 x 470 mm, weight 28 kg., 52W chuck 18,000 rev / min.

Technology: a step Drives

Work area: 200x140 mm.

Working hours: used a lot