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Electronic pantograph for engraving plates and ideal for personalizing gifts and to cut from sheet.


Thanks to the rotary spindle in addition to affecting the machine also allows you to cut the material.


The practice center vise (Optional) is easy to install and take off thanks to the fastening jaws.


The machine has 3 systems for engraving along any surface.

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The Engraving machine U-MARQ GEM-FX5 is a professional pantograph with small dimensions for engraving . GEM-FX5 engraving machine is flexible to manage independently, with speed and accuracy, the daily requirements of industrial marking, plaques, badges, electronic panels, nameplates. Thanks to the generous working area of 265 x 205 mm and the high speed of engraving, up to 133 mm / sec in engraving diamond, engraving machine GEM-FX5 allows to better address any type of product customization work.

The Engraving machine U-MARQ GEM-FX5 is easy to use: You type the text or graphics you choose the engraving software FX and pressing a button, the machine will affect the object in seconds.

The pantograph GEM-FX5 connects to a PC or laptop via USB port. With a few minutes of study, or reading the documentation, you're ready to record any type of gadget, plaque, jewelry professionally. The FX software is configured so as to make easier any customization work allowing you to get spectacular results from the first days.

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