Engraving machines U-MARQ in France, Croazia, Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Albania

PCube expands the area of ​​action in new countries after the great success achieved in Italy in the sale of U-MARQ engraving machines. In fact, the UK U-MARQ manufacturer wanted to reward the results and the competence of PCube providing others competence areas, in addition to Italy, 7 other countries, namely France, Albania, Bosnia, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia.

I can not wait to start delivering the U-MARQ engraving machines in France and in the other new countries

declares the engineer Marco Novello - PCube CEO

The U-MARQ engraving machines have proven to be a great product, simple and performance, and the fact that they are made in Europe certainly gives us a great advantage over the competition.

U-MARQ engraving machines are produced in North London while electronics and software are developed in the Danish office of U-MARQ. Other machines on the market are produced in China, branded "Made in France" and then sold at "European prices" with a questionable ethics of creative finance and globalization. An important segment of PCube's customers is very attentive to the technical details of the machine, where it is produced and to the technical assistance, which is why PCube is convinced that it can replicate the results obtained with the U- MARQ in Italy.

The secret of our success was to give excellent after-sales assistance

The U-MARQ machines are supplied with everything needed to make the best use of the purchased machine. The after-sales assistance includes training courses, remote technical assistance, a dedicated support portal, video courses in addition to the laboratory in Italy for possible maintenance or repairs.

We have the material for the machine (tools, optional accessories and spare parts) always ready for delivery

PCube has a warehouse and an e-commerce shop.pcube.it dedicated to give customers everything needed for the machine to engrave, including consumables such as plastic laminates or aluminum and brass plates to be engraved .