Professional 3D TM4K DLP 4K LED printer

Very high precision on a large work area.

  • TM4K 3D Printer DLP 4K
  • Stampa 3D in alta definizione
  • Stampa 3D in alta definizione
  • Stampa 3D di calzature
  • Stampa 3D di selle per ciclismo

TM4K 3D printer

The CARIMA TM4K 3D printer works by polymerizing a liquid resin material through the selective light generated by a DLP 4K LED projector .

DLP technology allows the TM4K 3D printer to create 3D layers, using Voxels , and for this reason the result has smooth, non-scaled surfaces "steps", like normal 3D printers.

Furthermore, DLP technology allows the creation of layers in fixed times, regardless of the number of models and their geometric complexity, allowing much faster production than 3D printers using other technologies.

The high precision 3D printer TM4K works with STL files (and also OBJ, 3DS, AMF) produced by 3D CAD system or created with 3D scanning systems.

With TM4K you will have the full power of the 3840x2160 pixel resolution which allows you to have, for the same resolution, a work area 4 times larger than the Full HD 3d printers. With this 3D printer you can make real digital productions of objects all the same or with variants.

The TM4K 3D printer is the DLP solution for digital production.

The numerous 3D printing materials available give the possibility to use the TM4K production 3D printer in a wide variety of applications.

TM4K is perfect for jewelry making

The meltable resin, the very high definition, the very low running costs and the impressive productivity of TM4K make it perfect for producing jewelry. The available resins make it a super efficient 3D printer for the intensive digital production of objects that require perfect surfaces and high precision ..

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TM4K DLP 3D printer with 4K technology

Working Volume 192x108x200 mm
XY pixel size 50 µm
Layer in Z 25, 50, 100 µm
Light source 405nm UV LED
Resolution FHD 3840 x 2160
Materials Various types of Carima resin
File Input stl, obj, 3ds, amf
Software Carima Slicer
Network connection Ethernet
Size 60x60x160 cm
weight 100 kg
Power AC 100 ~ 240V 4A - 46W