CURE M - UV curing unit for 3D printing

CURE M is a professional UV LED curing unit with rotating basement capable of post-curing the objects produced by a 3D printer.


  • CURE M - UV curing unit for 3D printing
  • CURE M - UV curing unit for 3D printing


CureM is a high intensity post UV LED curing solution for dental applications, jewelery and other 3D printing applications where a fast and professional wide spectrum polymerizer is needed.

The circular plate is reflective and rotating the application shows the perfect exposure to light on all sides of the objects. Special lenses affixed to each LED increase the purchase and acquire more energy on the objects to obtain an optimal polymerization.

In addition to polymerizing, CureM also has the sterilization function of the objects inside it.

Wavelengths 385-395-405 nm touch screen dispay, cylindrical internal volume diameter 120 mm height 90 mm, overall dimensions 250x386x378 mm.

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CURE M UV curing unit with rotating plate

External dimensions 250x386xh378mm
Dimensions compartment (rotating) 120mm Diameter, 95mm Height
Emitters type Hi-power LED 3.4W
Sterilization lamp UV 254 nm 5W
Radiation system Omni-Ray 360 °
Number of irradiation frequencies 3
Emission wavelength 405nm - 365nm
Interface 3.5 '' TFT touch screen
Power 100-240V 50-60Hz 5.4 A
Warranty 12 months