MDX-540 is a high performance CNC desktop mini-center.

Mini CNC MDX-540

The MDX-540 is a professional CNC desktop machine with three-axis milling cutter and works in 3D by removing the material until the finished product is obtained.

MDX-540 is specifically designed for the creation of artifacts, objects, 3-axis prototypes with very high detail accuracy. The modeler is designed for design offices, laboratories, technical offices, design studios, printing laboratories, three-dimensional graphics and educational applications in the technical and university fields. The main features of the professional CNC desktop machine MDX-540 are the following:

  • Worktop 520x420mm;
  • XYZ working area equal to 500x400x155mm;
  • Brushless spindle motor of 400w high power;
  • Spindle speed selectable from 3000 to 10000 rpm;
  • Feed (feed rate) equal to 125mm /sec;
  • External controller;
  • Dedicated tool change (optional);
  • 4th dedicated axis (optional);
  • ZS-540TY dedicated chuck;
  • SRP player management software supplied;
  • Numerical control machining language;
  • Soundproofing safety cover.

Work Volume

Constructed in a solid way and according to the industrial standards in use, it is provided with special hooks for fixing clamps, retainers or other accessories. The size of the worktop is 520x420mm and the useful area of ​​500x400x155mm. If the tool change is installed, the work area is 400x400x155mm. A worktop with T-slots, ZTT-540, with the same dimensions as the standard one is also available optionally.

Machining spindle ZS-540TY

The MDX-540 three-dimensional modeler is already equipped with the ZS-540TY spindle. The spindle is built according to Roland standards that provide a solid structure that avoids the vibration start and that has a high working torque that immediately engages and remains constant regardless of the processing speed. It is equipped with standard Yukiwa collars for shank couplings up to 10mm. A wide range of collars available.

ZAT-540 tool change

This CNC desktop machine provides for the installation of a ZAT-540 tool changer that houses four different tools. In this way, the processing can be performed in a totally automatic way, from the grinding phase up to the finishing phase. The MDX-540 controller will perform the tool change according to the machining process. Available on request for tool collars and relative hooks for the spindle.

Rotary axis ZCL-540

ZCL-540 is an optional rotary axis that is installed on the MDX-540 working plane and allows you to work a 360 ° object, rotating it automatically at the end of each face's work. The diameter of the work piece is 180mm and a length of 285mm. The movement is controlled by a precise motor powered by alternating current. The fixing point has a 100mm hook and is equipped with a tailstock for the rear fixing. The 4th axis is controlled from the external panel.

Immediate operation

The control panel is external and is made with a "palm" style. Allows full control of all machining parameters and displays the work steps in progress.

Precision mechanics

The handling system is realized with servo-controlled motors with very high precision. Feedback control always allows you to get the expected progress. The data management system organizes the instructions so that they are processed in the most optimal way, reducing processing times. The guides are made on recirculating spheres of level dial spheres.

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The MDX-540 is designed for design offices, laboratories, technical offices, design studios, print laboratories, three-dimensional graphics, dental and medical applications, educational applications in the technical and university field.

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