Professional engraving machine to personalize plates, trophies, jewels, bottles, glasses, gadgets.

  • Engraving machine for every object.
  • Engraving of a wooden object
  • Glass bottle engraving machine
  • Machine for engraving large objects

The U-MARQ Universal-350 engraving machine is the winning choice for customizing any type of object.

Universal-350 is able to engrave both large and small objects with the most unusual shapes thanks to the large self-centering chuck supplied with a tiltable 4th axis and the range of jaws and accessories supplied. This engraving machine, designed and built with great attention to the smallest details, is easy to use and allows you to manage independently, with speed and precision, the incisions of single objects or small productions. The appealing aesthetics and the silent spindle make this CNC pantograph ideal for use in a shop. Universal-350 can engrave plastic, aluminum, brass, tin, gold, silver, and glass and can also engrave stainless steel with a diamond. Thanks to the possibility to work objects up to 265 mm in diameter, this engraving machine allows you to customize large cups, glass, pewter mugs and trophies as well as small rings and bracelets. The removable top allows you to engrave an array of small plates or a single large plate with ease. With the ability to engrave with high accuracy and efficiency in a variety of materials, the possibilities and uses of Universal-350 are virtually endless.

The supplied Universal Software is easy to use and has high performance features to make work fast and easy.

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