GEM-TX5 engraving Machine

Compact, fast and practical engraving machine for personalizing jewelery, gift items, medals and tags.

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  • Compact engraving CNC machine
  • Engraving machine for funeral plates
  • Engraving of a smartphone cover
  • Engraving costume jewelery in steel
  • Targhetta per funeraria

The GEM-TX5 engraving machine is perfect for those who need to personalize medals, jewelery , smartphone covers, lighters, medals, keychains, animal labels, pens ... GEM-TX5 comes with a self-centering vice with interchangeable jaws to fix at best a wide range of items.

The GEM-TX5 is ideal for a shop as it is easy to use and is fast allowing you to serve the customer directly, without any expectation. The GEM-TX5 electronic pantograph is also perfect for customizing industrial nameplates as it allows the serial numbers and technical specifications of machinery or equipment to be engraved on plastic, aluminum and steel finishes. Many GEM-TX5 chose to make markets, or to use it in a kiosk in a shopping mall, as it is very compact and portable and has a price / performance ratio unsurpassed.   GEM-TX5 is highly regarded in the funeral sector and dozens of funeral agencies have adopted it to create the legally prescribed aluminum plates to be affixed to the bars. The GEM-TX5 electronic pantograph is appreciated in so many areas as it is modern, easy to use, fast and precise. The GEM-TX5 allows you to have a tangible advantage over the competition that even old manual pantographs or mediocre quality electronic machines are manufactured where ... 

Thanks to the possibility of engraving on non-flat surfaces, the machine is able to create perfect prints. The high-speed spindle motor allows for burring to perfection even in depth on plastics and metals . This electronic pantograph is easy to use to engage any type of professional object or label just after a short introductory course to the system.

The supplied software is intuitive and makes it easy for any customization work to get spectacular results from the first days. The software imports vector graphics in EPS / AI format or directly into PLT / HPGL plotter format and the machine directly works vector files by setting the speeds based on the type of material to be engraved.

The GEM-TX5 is also a photo-engraving machine, even photo-engraving . The machine cares directly on the photographs and is capable of directly affecting the metal with results that can surprise and excite even the most demanding of customers.

The pantograph GEM-TX5 is a new generation professional machine designed and manufactured in Europe with high quality materials

The GEM-TX5 pantograph is equipped with a latest generation control electronics with fast CPU and USB 2 support. The machine is extremely robust, fitted with pre-loaded linear guides and is equipped with high efficiency motors

The GEM-TX5 engraving machine is compact (340 x 275 x 240 mm) and consumes very little, it is also ideal for engraving in small shops or kiosks in malls and is perfectly portable for use in events and markets .

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