GEM-RX5 jewelry engraving machine

The U-MARQ GEM-RX5 is a professional jewelry engraving machine allows you to customize a wide range of items such as tags, jewelry, rings, pens, lighters, metal mobile covers and every small gift,

If you are interested in a versatile and easy-to-use engraving machine for your jewelry store, we recommend that you also evaluate the new 5S model.

  • Engraving machine for jewelry
  • Engraving of a pen with 360 ° rotation
  • Engraving internal and external wedding rings
  • External ring engraving
Pens engraving
Pens engraving

Customize pens with an engraving

Engraving on surfaces
Engraving on surfaces

The engraving adapts to the shape

Ring engraving
Ring engraving

Ring engraving

Picture Engraving
Picture Engraving

Picture Engraving on metal

GEM-RX5 jewelry engraving machine

The GEM-RX5 engraving machine is the ideal solution for customizing with a small-sized engraving such as jewelry, medals, pens, smatphone covers .

The machine is practical to use and allows you to easily fix the objects to be engraved thanks to the practical self-centering vice supplied and the wide range of accessories available. The supplied rotary axis allows you to engrave a pen , a mini torch or a cup working 360 degrees across the entire circumference.
The machine is supplied with 2 tools:

  • a diamond tool for scratching any metal object
  • a tapered carbide tool for deep cutting ( metal , plastic , wood , soft stones , ...) using the spindle with high speed motor

For the same machine are then available many types of tools to get incisions from the more or less wide and also to cut the sheet material . The depth with which the machine impacts can be set by software or directly in the machine. In fact, thanks to the supplied nosepiece, which allows the spindle to lean on the material, all U-MARQ machines are able to engrave at a constant depth even if the surface of the object is not flat. Even the scratch engraving, through the diamond tool, always follows perfectly the surface of the object and allows you to engrave with perfect pressure thanks to the additional springing system included with this type of tool.

The electronic pantograph GEM-RX5 has a feature that allows it to engrave following a surface , whether it is radiated or an inclined plane or other, thanks to the ability to make the machine learn the curvature of the surface and then engrave keeping the distance from the surface always constant obtaining extraordinary results on a curved bracelet or on a mark of a watch or, why not, along the curvature of a bottle.

Jewelry engraving machine

The GEM-RX5 engraving machine is equipped with a range of accessories for engrave jewelry , such as the device for engrave rings to be applied to the rotary axis. Thanks to this accessory, the electronic pantograph can automatically engrave the inside and outside of a ring or a wedding ring .

In addition to the rings, the machine can also engrave bracelets internally and externally thanks to an optional accessory. The jaws of the self-centering clamp are interchangeable and there are specifications for engraving cutlery, medals, knives, cufflinks, pens and much more.

GEM-RX5 is the best machine for engraving jewels that a shop or a workshop could wish for.

The GEM-RX5 electronic pantograph is a machine that allows anyone to make professional recordings just after a short training course.

The pantograph software is immediate even for the less experienced and makes it easy, from the first days, the customization of any object allowing you to achieve spectacular results.

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In addition to being easy to use, the GEM-RX5 engraving machine is extremely robust and performing . The machine is made of steel and is equipped with recirculating screws, for the transmission of motion, and prismatic guides, for the sliding of the axes, and this allows to engrave at very high speeds with unparalleled precision exploiting the maximum performance of the engines and of high-performance electronics it is equipped with. Compared to most of the competing machines, now almost all built in the east, we can proudly state that the GEM-RX5 engraving machine is produced by U-MARQ in Europe ..

If you do not need the rotary axis, consider the less expensive model GEM-TX5 or find out the largest GEM-FX5 which costs the same!

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Workspace 160 x 75 mm.
Working volume on rotary axis Diameter 70 mm without nose
Z-axis  62 mm.
Dimensions 340 x 275 x 240 mm with integrated controller
weight 18 Kg
spindle Brushless adjustable up to 14,000 RPM
Power 110 - 240 volts AC 3 Ampere
Noise 75 dB (A) or less, Standby: 45 dB (A) or less
Operating temperature from 5 to 38 ° C
humidity from 35 to 80% without condensation
Usable materials Materials suitable for diamond engravings and incisions with tools for removal.
Warranty 12 months
  • power cord
  • USB cable
  • 120 ° diamond tool & nbsp;
  • tapered tool with a 0.3 mm hard metal tip
  • conical nozzle & nbsp;
  • steel tool holder block with soft touch spring damper
  • brass tool holder block
  • clamp and tailstock to engrave pens with the rotary axis, with & nbsp; relative pair of keys
  • Allen key and & nbsp; U-key to replace the tool holder block
  • Standard reversible vice jaws in acetate
  • 13 mm mounting brackets for clamping "tall" objects in a vice.
  • CD and USB key for Vistool software license
  • user manual


Dedicated 2.4 GHz i3 PC with Windows 32 bit operating system, fitted with 4Gb Mb RAM, 100Mb free Hard Disk
space, Display adapter supporting 256 colours, 3 USB Ports, CD- ROM drive, Mouse.


Dedicated 2.8 GHz i7 PC with Windows 64 bit operating system, fitted with 8Gb RAM, 100Mb free Hard Disk space,
Display adapter supporting 256 colours, 3 USB Ports, CD-ROM drive, Mouse and an Internet connection.

Note : The U-MARQ Engraving Software will only install on Windows 7, 8 32/64 bit or Windows 10 32/64 bit.
19 Quick Start Guide 8

Ensure that:

  • PC is in situ and compliant with specifications on our website.
  • USB ports are free on the PC, or a powered USB hub is available.
  • The area for the machine is clear and power supply is accessible.
  • The IT department contacted and relevant permissions (Admin) and passwords obtained.
  • Performance on Windows settings set to for Performance (Control Panel – System – Advanced – Performance Settings – Set to Adjust for Performance).
  • Windows is registered.
  • Ensure that Windows 10 has finished installing all updates if the PC is new. This can be done by clicking the Windows icon in the bottom left of the screen, searching Windows Update, opening this shows a screen with Windows Update status.