UV polymerizers and accessories for 3d printing

UV curing ovens are essential for post-treatment of models made with stereolithographic, DLP and LCD 3D printers. We have selected excellent polymerizers, and some other accessories for the post-treatment of resins, to be combined with our professional 3D printers.

UV polymerizer BB CURE COMPACTUV polymerizer CURE-M

Do you want obtain the top from the models you 3D print?

Our PCU (Post Curing Unit) systems are the best you could wish for to get the best results from your 3D printer.

If you let us know why you are interested in our 3D Post Printing systems we will be at your disposal to give you some advice. With professional equipment you can also count on our technical service , here from Italy

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UV polymerizer for 3D printing


BB CURE PLUS - UV polymerizer for 3D printing
BB Cure Plus is the professional UV polymerizer ideal for the post-treatment of 3d objects produced with a 3D printer with DLP, LCD or laser technologies.
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BB Cure Compact

BB Cure Compact -  UV polymerizer for 3D printing
BB Cure Compact è un polimerizzatore UV Led professionale per il post trattamento dei modelli prodotti da stampanti 3D a resina.
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CURE M - UV curing unit for 3D printing
CURE M is a professional UV LED curing unit with rotating basket capable of post-curing the objects produced by a 3D printer.
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