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About Us

PCube provides 3D technology to people and companies to improve product development by supporting its customers in digital production transformation.

The 3D technology we provide is developed by leading companies worldwide:

We are able to provide the best 3D technology by selecting those that we believe are the best products to accompany our customers' development. We deeply know the products we offer and that we support in partnership with our suppliers with the aim of obtaining the highest level of customer satisfaction. We believe we are a unique company because:

  • we are able to follow customers of any size, from the artisan to the multinational
  • we have expertise on a much larger range of 3D systems than our competitors can offer
  • we are creative, we like to innovate, experiment and explore.
  • we have a practical knowledge of the products and this has made us successful allowing us to be suppliers on very different practical applications and in many sectors (health, military, jewelry and fashion accessories, signs, woodworking, marble processing, shops ...)
  • we work side by side with our suppliers
  • we are not shy about our references, we are direct suppliers of important companies but we are proud of the large number of small companies and artisans that we managed to take off. We are also suppliers of scientific research institutes, schools, Fablab and we have some private Makers among our customers even if we normally do not deal with the Consumer market.
  • we are a team of people who work with passion and professionalism.
  • we provide training courses, organize seminars and conferences on 3D manufacturing technologies. We like to explain and give our opinions, we do it through conferences and the media trying to provide 'a thought-guide' in a re-tweet world.

Our goal is simple:

We want to grow our customers with the best 3D technology for their needs by supporting them in their strategic choices.

We do research and development internally and engage in research projects on new production and 3D prototyping techniques. We work on all fronts of digital innovation, from software to machines to management. In our field we are able to work with any interlocutor, from universities and research centers, from multinational companies to craftsmen and start-ups.

We listen to anyone who wants to get involved to face the challenges of the market with the most innovative 3D digital technologies ...

We have always shown that we are able to discover innovative products and successfully launch them!

PCube provides digital 3D technology to improve product development and make production more efficient.