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Our engraving machines are professional, versatile, robust, productive, technologically advanced and are also easy to use.

Fiber laser for marking and cutting L100M30 pantograph engraving machine

What is the best engraving machine?

There are many technologies and many models, with different technical characteristics and costs, and each model can be equipped with accessories in order to better satisfy the specific needs that a business may have.

The types of engraving depend on the technology and technical characteristics of the machine. Here are the main types of engraving:

  • Scratch marking : the machine is equipped with a diamond or hard metal tool to make a surface engraving
  • Engraving by removal : the machine has a spindle and uses conical, cylindrical or other shaped tools to make small material removal and cutting
  • Micro percussion : the machine has a tool that moves on the material by striking at constant intervals to engrave the surface with micro dots.
  • Laser marking : the machine creates the marking of the surfaces through a laser beam of suitable technology
  • Laser engraving : the machine removes material up to a defined depth through one or more passages of a laser beam of adequate power and technology
  • Laser cutting : the machine cuts a sheet of material through one or more passages of a laser beam of adequate power and technology.

The machines that engrave by scratching, by removal and by micro percussion are machines for mechanical engraving as they physically use tools.

Laser engraving machines, on the other hand, use a beam of light (laser) and differ from each other for the types of technology and, consequently, for the materials they can engrave and cut. The laser with CO2 technology are suitable for engraving organic materials (wood, paper, plastic, glass ...) and can engrave some paints that cover metal objects, while the FIBER lasers < / strong> or YAG are perfect for engraving metals but not organic materials.

Here is a list of our engraving machines:

Engraving Machines

5S jewelry engraving machine

5S jewelry engraving machine
The 5S jewelry engraving machine engraves writings, drawings and pictures on pendant and rings. The 5S engraving machine is perfect for a jewelry store.
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