2S engraving machine

The 2S engraving machine allows you to personalize jewelry and metal tags by engraving.

  • 2S engraving machine for jewelry, tags, nameplates and medals
  • 2S engraving machine for jewelry, tags, nameplates and medals
  • 2S engraving machine for jewelry, tags, nameplates and medals
Self-centering vice for engraving machine

Self-centering to facilitate your work

Laser pointer for engrave better
Laser pointer

To center the incision accurately

Diamond tool for on metal engraving
Diamond tool

A tool for all metals

Engraving of a picture on metal
Picture engraving

Engrave photos of your customers

Tablet for engraving machine
Bluetooth Tablet

Pilot the wireless machine

2S engraving machine

The 2S pantograph is an engraving machine writing , drawings and photos on metal plates and objects.

The stain carries out a scratch-engraving using a diamond tool, engraves on flat and even curved surfaces adapting to the shape of the object. The 2S engraving machine automatically measures the height and inclination of the surface to be engraved and is perfect for customizing even non-regular surfaces.

  • It engraves objects of steel and you any other metal
  • Engrave in plan, on sloping surfaces, along curvatures and on irregular surfaces
  • Thanks to the laser preview it is impossible to mistake the engraving
  • The supplied Windows software is complete and easy to use
  • Lots of technology in a small space, perfect for the store and unbeatable to take to a flea market or an event
  • Can also be driven via Tablet (Optional) wireless, via Bluetooth, for even greater ease of use

The 2S engraving machine is perfect for customizing with an engraving:

Engraved jewelery and accessories are fashionable and allow you to work with great marginality!

The optional M-Touch tablet allows you to use the machine to engrave 2S even more simply thanks to an intuitive guided menu. The tablet drives the wireless machine, allowing you to save computer space and move around more freely to give the customer a unique experience. Thanks to the tablet you can in fact engrave with the machine directly what the your client has written with your finger or pen.


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2S engraving machine

Work area 120 x 100 mm.
Z axis travel 30 mm.
weight 15 Kg
dimensions 264x343x259 mm
chuck Cut with a scratch tool
Power 110 - 240 volts AC 2.5 Amps
consumption 12 W
Connection Standard USB, optional Bluetooth via M-TOUCH tablet
Bluetooth V2.1
Usable materials Engraves any metal.
Survey of surface to be engraved Auto
Area indicator to be engraved Laser
Warranty 12 months

2S engraving machine

  • power cable
  • USB cable
  • 120 ° diamond tool
  • Allen key
  • ruler
  • vice jaw extensions to engrave tall objects
  • rubber fixing brackets to be inserted in the jaw holes of the vise
  • Magic ART software CD
  • user manual