5S jewelry engraving machine

The 5S engraving machine allows you to customize jewelry and costume jewelery by engraving a written or a drawing. It even engraves pictures!

  • 5S jewelry engraving machine
  • 5S jewelry engraving machine
  • 5S jewelry engraving machine
  • 5S jewelry engraving machine
5S jewelry engraving machine with self centering vice

Self-centering to facilitate your work

Laser pointer
Spot Laser

To center the incision accurately

diamond tool for jewelry engraving machine
Diamond tool

A single tool to engrave everything

Tablet for engraving machine
Tablet M-Touch

Drive the machine via Bluetooth

5S jewelry engraving machine

The 5S pantograph is a jewelery engraving machine created to meet the needs of a jewelry store and is also perfect for a goldsmith's workshop. The 5S machine includes writings , drawings and photos on jewelery and metal jewelery, on any surface, even curved or uneven, and also affects 360 # inside and outside rings.

The 5S jewelery pantograph engraves gold, silver, steel and any metal as well as very hard plastics. The 5S jewelry engraving machine automatically measures the surface to be engraved and automatically observes the non-planarity performed to adapt the incision along the surface. In the engraving of the rings, for example, the machine measures the radius of the rings in several points and automatically compensates for other eccentricities of the same.

The 5S engraving machine is perfect for customizing:

The optional Tablet drives the 5S engraving machine directly via Bluetooth without the need for a computer and without wires. With the tablet it is even easier to use the 5S engraving machine thanks to intuitive software that guides you to get the result with just a few clicks click guided menu. The tablet allows you to use the machine wirelessly allowing you to save in computer space and move more freely to give the customer the unique opportunity. Thanks to the tablet it is in fact possible to directly engrave with the machine what the customer has written with his finger or pen.


More informations?

  • Cut objects into any metal, from precious materials to steel
  • Cut into the plane, on inclined surfaces, along curvatures and irregular surfaces
  • Incise internal and external of rings and rings by rotating them 360 °
  • Thanks to the laser preview perfectly to always engrave perfectly without errors
  • The supplied Windows software is complete and easy to use
  • Lots of technology in a small space, perfect for the store, great for a workshop and unbeatable for events outside
  • Thanks to the wireless tablet (Optional), via Bluetooth, it's even easier to use
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5S engraving machine

Work area 120 x 100 mm.
Z axis travel 30 mm.
Weight 21 Kg
size 394x326x265 mm
Spindle Cut with a scratch tool
Power supply 110-240 volts AC 2.5 Ampere
Consumption 12 W
Linking Standard USB, optional Bluetooth via M-TOUCH tablet
Bluetooth V2.1
Usable materials It engraves any metal.
Survey of surface to be engraved Automatic
Area indicator to be engraved Laser
Guarantee 12 months

5S engraving machine

  • power cable
  • USB cable
  • 120 ° diamond tool
  • Allen key
  • ruler
  • vice jaw extensions to engrave tall objects
  • media sets to adapt the ring device to various ring shapes
  • rubber fixing brackets to be inserted in the jaw holes of the vise
  • Magic ART software CD
  • user manual